contributor experience

Zine NameFandomRoleQTYStatus
The Little ThingsHQ Kita (Slice of Life)Page Artistcomplete
Dreamy DaysHQ MSBY (Otome)Page Artistcomplete
Morning SunHQ Asahi (Seasons)Page Artistcomplete
The Promised NeverlandPage, Merch Artist✧✧
ARISESolo LevelingPage Artistfree release
Head&HeartHQ AranKitaPage, Spot Artist✧✧complete
IYPage Artistshipping
Stray MemoriesBungou Stray DogsPage Artistcomplete
幸 (kou)Daiya no AcePage, Spot Artist✧✧complete
Timeless BondsFree!Page Artistcomplete
MarimoOne PieceSpot Artist✧✧✧complete
AA PlannerAce AttorneyPage Artist✧✧complete
TimelessKNYPage, Merch Artist✧✧complete
OmakaseHQ Osamu (Food Zine)Page, Collab Artist✧✧✧shipping
Shots of GoldHQ Bartender (NSFW)Page Artistcomplete
KomorebiGenshin ImpactPage Artistshipping
Always With YouOne Piece (ZS AU)Page Artistshipping
HQPage Artist
ReverieDC OtomeGuest Cover, Page Artist✧✧✧creation
Iida ZineBNHAPlanner Artistcomplete
2023 CalendarDaiya No CGuest Artist✧✧complete
For InfinityBNHAPage Artistshipping
UnbreakableKNYPage Artistshipping
Force of GravityBSDPage Artistcomplete
IntertwinedHQPage Artistproduction
Where The Tide Meets The StarsOriginal (Mermay)Page Artistproduction
TsukuyomiBNHAPage Artistproduction
a-spec zineOriginalPage Artistcreation

modding experience

Zine NameFandomRoleStatus
CreatioBlue Period (AU)Head/Graphics/ Art/Socialscomplete
DEKU ZineBNHAOrg/Graphics/Socials/Co-layoutproduction
Order up!Original (Food)Graphicscomplete
The Adventures
of Tony Tony Chopper
One PieceArt/Org/Coverproduction
BIAZBNHA (idol AU)Art/Org/Co-layoutproduction
Pochita’s GoodiesCSMCo- Art/Graphics/Org/ Socials/Layoutproduction
Boku no CalendarBNHAArt/Layout internproduction
The Seasons of Mount HuaHwagwiOrg/Co-graphicsformatting

✧ planning zines to launch in 2024

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Zine NameFandomFormatProceedsGet it here!
AriseSolo LevelingDigitalFREEArise GDRIVE

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